Got Mulch?

DSC_0308We bought lots and lots of mulch on Sunday.

Got Mulch?

Boy, we sure do!  Home Depot had cypress mulch on sale for $1.37 a bag.  That’s a great deal.  We drove the van and the pickup truck over there yesterday afternoon and bought fifty bags.  That should pretty much take care of us for the season.  We may have to buy a few more (maybe ten) bags, but it was a huge success to get fifty bags on sale.  At $1.37 a bag, we saved almost 50% off the regular price.  Score one for us!

We have a fairly large yard with several landscape beds.  In addition to the landscape area that borders the front of the house, there are three more good-sized spaces in the front yard that need mulch each year. (You can get a good idea of what I’m talking about by checking out the photos.)   In the back, we put down fresh mulch around the patio area.  All in all, we go through a lot of mulch.

Bulk vs. Bag

One year we did the ‘bulk mulch’ thing where the nursery dumped a big pile of mulch in our driveway.  That was okay, but it seems to be more economical to buy it in bags — especially when the bags are only $1.37 each.   Lugging the bags around in the wheelbarrow is not a lot of fun, but I prefer that method over scooping mulch off the driveway and into a wheelbarrow.  The bags also allow us more control of where the mulch is being spread.  It’s also easier to cover up a row of bags than it is to keep a tarp over a pile of mulch.  Wet mulch is heavy and no fun to work with!

DSC_0302Mulch is needed all across the front of the house.


DSC_0303Here you can see two more landscape beds that need fresh mulch.


DSC_0301 Mulch is also needed by the large Oak tree in the background.

Home Makeover

I’ll be sure to share some ‘after photos’ once all the mulch is in place.  The landscape beds great right after the golden cypress is down.  We’ve toyed with the idea of making an investment in rocks (rather than buy mulch each year) but the green plants just seem to ‘pop’ against the mulch background.  I don’t think they would look as nice with rocks.

What do you think?

What do you use in your flower/landscape beds?  Mulch? Rocks?  Other?

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One Response to “Got Mulch?”

  1. candace April 20, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Spreading all that mulch is a lot of work, but I agree, it looks really good once it’s done.

    We mulch our garden beds and the only down side is that we have a large part of our yard fenced in for our cats, with a cat door in a basement window, and they track mulch all over the house. Kinda messy, but still worth it. :)